Annual Report 2013

After the renewed edition of IQ Crops' website on June, now it comes on air the new blog of IQ Crops (

The puplication of the Georgiki Technologia  "LUBRICATION-NUTRITION 1997", which was authored by Christos D. Katsanos, once updated, it was decided as the best vehicle to launch awareness and to develop the dialogue between the scientists of IQ CROPS and people who want to understand the issue of lubrication-nutrition globally.

The answers given from the perspective of the practitioner-agriculturist, who has faced in practice these issues, in order to explain better the science of plant nutrition, signaling a new approach to the countryside.

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The International Research & Training Centre for Sustainability (IRTC), the training facilitator organisation (member of DKG Group) has the honor and pleasure to organize and contributing to a series of innovative training seminars believing that beyond Value for Money offers a new concept in industry!!

IRTC last year organized the following training seminars:

1. “Sales Skills for Non Sales People in Branding Era” - HAIFA SEE -

2. "Total Greenhouse Management Seminar" - AGRIS SA-
The seminar was intented to help the people of Agris related to the business in the region to understand the advantages of the hydroponic cultivation. 


3. "Marketing & Branding of Agricultural Products", in cooperation with the Training Department of TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD) S.AAs agricultural production does not stop at harvest but requires customer satisfaction to achieve a sale, the seminar presents practical ways to create loyalty customers and eventually repeated sales of products/services.


4. "Total Quality Management Topic", -University of Macedonia,Thessaloniki-


 5. "Biomatic Seminar on Vineyards & Wines - From Branding to Field-",


6. "The Hydroponic Greenhouse & Contracting Farming Seminar" - KEK DRAMAS-
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1st place in the award category "Research & Development" has been taken by "TOMACCINI" as the first Snack Tomato in the Greek market. Tommacini received the prize as a joint award for the three companies that contributed to its creation; Hellenic Greenhouses SA, AB Vassilopoulos SA and DKG Consulting Ltd. The investment costs of this project reached 1.5 million Euro (1.5 Ha glasshouse construction, crop, marketing and packaging expenses).

On Thursday, July 11, 2013, at Athens Intercontinental at a glittering ceremony attended by representatives of the major executives in the Retail Market Chains the Winners of the Self-Service Excellence Awards 2013 were announced.

 Chris D. Katsanos (DKG Group), Hercules Christodoulakis (AB Vassilopoulos) and Gregory Gerasimou (Hellenic Greenhouses ).

TOMACCINI say the tomato grabbed the attention of the jury having been marketed as a fruit, with strong branding, as opposed to be placed in the vegetable category.

The innovation points of Tomaccini according to the jury:

•    Olive type snack tomatoes (7-10gr)
•    Crunchy bite, avoiding too much juice in the mouth
•    Sour-sweet instead of sweet taste
•    Convenient packaging
•    Clever exit hole
•    Pay what you consume (pricing per unit not kilo)

 Dimitris Gartzonikas (TROPOS Branding Co) & Christos D. Katsanos (DKG Group).

The awards were backed by SEVT, ECR Hellas and IELKA, who were represented on the jury, and under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Development and Competitiveness.

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In DKG GROUP we are happy and proud to support ( the sailboat "Limoncello" for many years. "Limoncello" helps the local tourism development since it participates to water sport events like the "Aegean Regatta" race that is held in different Greek islands every year. Apart from the tourism development, also encourage close relationships, teamwork, solidarity and understanding among various people who join the crew.

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“The Friends of Xinomavro“, a group of people who share the same philosophy about life, love Xinomavro (a special wine from an indigenous Greek vine variety) and like to collaborate and share their experiences.

Members this year also held regular meetings for various events and activities, such as:

1. Vine Harvest (September 2012)

2. Friends Xinomavro participated in the event MAP OF FLAVOURS (December 2012)

2. 1st Event on 2013 - Taste cooking of the "Friends of Xinomavro" -

3. Friends Xinomavro participated in the event "Naoussa, Wine and Culture" (February 2013)


4. Picking organic vine leaves (June 2013)

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